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50 Times Sneaky Pets Occupied Their Owner’s Spots In Beds

It’s adorable when your pets cuddle up beside you on the bed and the cuteness overload can make you forget all the problems in the world. However, some pets are a bit more greedy and just looove 'stealing' their owners’ spots on the bed, claiming them as their own.
If you’ve ever wondered why doggos and cattos do this, there are a few possible reasons for that kind of behavior. Wag reports that some dogs can do this for negative reasons like disrespect and dominance while others steal your spot because they want to show you how much they love you and how loyal they are to you.

#1 My Cat Wuffy Waits Until My Daughter Has Left For School Before Crawling Under Her Blanket And Putting Herself To Bed

#2 And This Is Why I Never Leap On To The Bed Without Checking First


#3 Found My 12yr Old Pup On My Bed. It's Been A Couple Years Since She Was Able To Get Up There, No Idea How She Did It. With Her Favorite Toy Too! Don't Have The Heart To Kick Her Off

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers told Bored Panda that since dogs don't have a moral compass, it isn't possible for them to "steal" anything, much less their owners' spots. "Dogs will be dogs and they will do what dogs do. As a species that primarily ‘sees' the world through its nose, a spot on the sofa is probably very comforting because it smells of its owner."
A member of the APDT committee pointed out that if an owner doesn't want their dog on the bed or furniture, then they should teach the dog what they do want: "Which is usually for the dog to go to a mat or to his own bed."

The committee member also said there is no need for owners to be 'strict' with their dogs when they are being "kind, fair, and consistent in their training."

#4 He Only Gets Up On The Bed When My Fiancé Is Working. This Is How I Woke Up From A Nap

#5 My Cat Sitting Like A Person In Bed

#6 Forgot My Wife Was Away - Rolled Over In Bed To See This

If your dog is growling at you or roughly nudging you to get you to move, then there might be a problem. But if your doggo takes your spot when you leave and then moves when you come back, it’s a sign of respect because they’re saving your spot.
Cats and dogs also feel closer to you when they’re in a spot that smells strongly of you.
However, your dog might not respect you as “the leader of the pack” if it constantly takes your favorite spot on the bed or the couch. Are they trying to challenge your authority? Could be.

#7 Trying to Enjoy My Coffee And Cuddles With Boyfriend, Dog Starts Nudging And Yipping Until I Move. Immediately Takes My Spot And Gives Me This Look

#8 I Left Home For The Military A Few Months Ago And My Dad Took A Pic Of My Dog Sleeping On My Bed 

#9  Just Checked Into My Hotel Room And Found An Intruder On My Bed! Best Hotel Ever 

Or they could be trying to get your attention and expressing their warm and fuzzy feelings for you. Animal emotions are complex and a lot depends on each particular case.
If you don’t want your pet 'stealing' your spot, they have to know that you’re in charge and that you wear the pants in the family.
You can start by teaching them basic commands like “move” (or “please, please, please, you goofball, get out of my bed, I have nowhere else to sleep”). In other words, setting limits is key. Obviously, this works far better with dogs than with cats. What’s more, if your pet has its own cozy place to relax, it won’t be as likely to steal yours.

#10  Left For Work, Forgot Phone. 10 Minutes Later, And This Bitch Is Already In Bed With My Boyfriend

#11  Had To Leave My Dog With My Parents While I Relocate Out Of State, My Mom Sent Me This. Later That Day I Got A Message Saying My Dad Overslept Because He Thought My Mom Was Still In Bed

#12  When Your Human Works Nights But You Love Him So You Go Back To Bed Every Morning When He Gets Home

#13 My Cat Is In Love With My Boyfriend. She Glares Every Time I Try To Sit Next To Him. He Didn't Believe Me, So I Took A Picture

#14 Last Night, My Cat Merlin Was On My Husband's Side Of He Bed. He Told Me To Take Care Of It, So I Did. Sweet Dreams Little Kitty

#15  Every Night At Around 9 My Cat Tucks Himself In And Waits

#16  Went To Shower, Bed Was Made. Came Out To This

#17  Sometimes You Can't Go To Bed Because It's Just All Cats

#18 Woke Up This Morning To This And I Have To Say, My Wife Looks A Lot Different Without Make Up

#19  Husband Wasn’t Out Of Bed For 30 Seconds When This Pup Stole His Spot And Promptly Started Snoring

#20  Came Back To Bed To Find This Girl Stole My Boyfriend

#21  Forgot To Turn The Heating On In The Morning, Came Home To This

#22  My Dog Stole My Spot On The Bed Then Made This Face. Jerk

#23  A Tucked In Kitty Stole My Spot In Bed

#24  How My Dog Looks At Me When He's In Bed With My Wife. Same Look Every Time

#25  I Want To Go To Bed.. But I Just Can't Bring Myself To Move Them

#26  Should I Be Worried About This?

#27  Go To Bed To Find It Already Occupied. Who Is The Boss In This House? Not Me

#28  The Look He Gives Me When He Takes My Spot In Bed

#29  Our Pets Arrange Themselves Around My Girlfriend And I Like This Almost Every Night

#30  I Think My Dog Is Bigger Than My Boyfriend

#31  She Jumps Into My Bed And Goes Right For My Pillow Every Night. And It's Adorable

#32   If I Don't Make It To Bed On Time, I Don't Get A Spot To Sleep

#33  "I Don't Want A Big Dog!" "That Dog Is Not Coming In The House!" "That Dog Better Not Get In Our Bed!" - My Wife

# 34  Hmmpff... Typical! I Get The Tiny Spot On The Bed

#35  My Dog Ran Around The House 20 Times At Top Speed... Then Jumped Into My Bed And Fell Asleep Like This Within 30 Seconds

#36  Walked In On My Boyfriend In Bed With Some Girl

#37  My Dog Takes My Girlfriend's Spot When She Leaves For Work. This Is What I Woke Up To Today

#38  He Stole My Place In Bed And Looked As Though I Was Disturbing Him

#39  I Feel Like I'm Interrupting Something Here

#40  Stole My Spot When I Took A Phone Call And Looks Real Smug About It

#41  Don't Mind Me, I Guess

#42  Every Morning When I Get Up, My Dog Immediately Steals My Spot On The Bed Then Gives Me This Look When I Want To Move Him To Go Back To Bed

#43  I Think My Dog Stole My Boyfriend And My Bed Spot From Me

#44  Got Up At 1am For Water And He Steals My Spot, Pillow And All

#45  Heckin’ Stole My Spot

#46  What My Bed Looks Like In The Mornings

#47  I'm Snuggled In Too Deep To Be Removed From The Bed Now. You May Sleep On The Sofa Human

#48  This Is My Bed Now Dad

#49  This Is The Family! Also This Photo Shows Why I Need To Be The First To Get Into Bed

#50  Go Ahead And Make Yourself Comfortable, Lilly

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