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Men Spend Seven Hours Hiding In Bathroom For 'Peace And Quiet'

In the quest to find tranquility men often end up hiding in bathrooms for 7 hours a day to spend time alone  with themselves. Now, the question arises why men choose bathroom to find peace and serenity,why not any quiet corners in  their house or any other place, why this bathroom turns out to be the mutual sanctuary for most of the men ? And also what are the reasons that leads them  to escape in the bathroom ? such as -  are they not satisfied with their life , or are they not happy with their partner or with their family ?

The reasons behind, men hiding  in bathrooms are because of their other half or their partner who keep on nagging, even to stop hearing complaints  and also to ignore the household chores, annoyance and also to avoid kids and spend some alone time to look at their cell phones without any sort of disturbances, as mentioned in  the research.

Commonly, men prefer the bathroom to be their go- to-place where they aren't interrupted for 7 hours a day in a year accompanied with peace and privacy, as mentioned by the researchers who polled 1000 men, including the third of British males.

Numerically,  it has been found that 45 percent of men literally struggle to manage/budget some alone time out of their hectic schedule and the remaining quarter asserts that their busy life  is simply not valued by their partner. 25 percent of men suffers rough time to escape and are clueless.

Regrettably,23 percent of men claims bathroom to be their 'safe place' like their small refuge. Hence the bathroom becomes their 'go-to-place ' or even they call it as their 'very much a  sanctuary' where they can isolate themselves from the busy world avoiding the rush.

It has been  found  by Pebble Grey that one in 10 visits are interrupted on average i.e. the total of 171 throughout the course of a year , according to the research commissioned by the bathroom experts.

"We all need a little bit of time to ourselves - to take stock or switch off completely."shared a spokesman.

All the men who chose to hide for 7 hours a day seeking peace and calmness, deserves at least some alone time for themselves for their individual space.
Men Spend Seven Hours Hiding In Bathroom For 'Peace And Quiet' Men Spend Seven Hours Hiding In Bathroom For 'Peace And Quiet' Reviewed by Tim on December 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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