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Study reveals that intelligent people drink more than others


One recent study came up with a rather bizarre conclusion; Intelligent people consume a greater amount of alcohol than less intelligent people. Alcohol came into existence, as early as 7000 BC in the Mesopotamian civilisation but people have been getting drunk way before that through non-alcoholic beverages. Highest consumer of alcohol might have been the roman and the Greek empire during the early years of human civilisation, so much so that they even had a deity representing wine, Dionisius. As time went by alcohol became a very common product and now could be consumed by the common classes too.

Drinking a particular brand of alcohol tells us where you stand in society and greater amount of alcohol consumption often labels you as a drunkard. But not anymore, some say that greater amount of alcohol consumption is directly proportional to intelligence.

Recent studies done in USA and UK has said that people with a higher IQ often consume a greater amount of alcohol than people with lower IQ. The reason for this unusual behaviour is quite simple. Intelligent people often try to isolate themselves from society, they don’t prefer parties and seclude themselves in one corner of their house away from the humdrum of the world on a Saturday night so that they might be alone with their thoughts, unlocking mysteries of the world. 

This situation however peaceful can be quite daunting even for the stoutest introvert and they need something to ease of their brain so that thoughts and ideas can flow through them very easily. This is where alcohol comes in, It clears away that blocked neural system. Being drunk gives them the power to think without any boundaries or restriction, when you are drunk you are no longer bound by the shackles of logical reasoning, you are free to think whatever you want to think however weird it is and history has proved countless times that the best ideas are the ones that are completely impractical, bonkers and weirder than a rainbow coloured horse foretelling prophecies.

Now there will be times when these intelligent people have to mingle with the commoners and attend gathering. Alcohol will help them here too. It will act as shield to protect them from the community as well as a sword to fend off any people. Alcohol in these situations give them the moral boost that they need to be confident enough to deal with such a huge number of people at a particular place.
This however does not mean that alcohol is good for you. Sure you think that it gives them joy and happiness but all that it is providing them with is momentary relief from existential crisis. They might create wonders while being under the influence of alcohol but sadly they might not be here to see their creations in actions. To intelligent people alcohol is as much of a curse as it is a blessing.

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