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Study Says Driverless cars will lead to more sex on the road

Imagine a future with driverless cars. By reducing driver error, such cars will have the chance to eliminate upto 90% of traffic accidents, besides being accessible to the disabled and the elderly.
Can you believe that these cars might change the way people have sex?.

Well, a new paper in 2019, outlining the potential implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) for urban tourism in the future, says it’s true!

Published in the journal ‘Annalsof Tourism Research’, the study was conducted by Scott A. Cohen, Deputy Director of Research of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey, with the help of Debbie Hopkins, Departmental Research Lecturer at Oxford University’s School of Geography and the Environment.

One of the facts that this paper brings to light is that about 60% of all people in the USA have already had sexual intercourse in a car. Now, think of self-driving vehicles to be nothing more than private rooms fitted with wheels, and there’s your chance to enjoy even more sex.

Still thinking how? It’s simple if you rack your brains and think this through!

If people can sleep in their so-called “private rooms on wheels”, they won’t need to check in at roadside motels anymore. With little or no effort needed in directing self-driving vehicles, people will be more likely to select a less expensive hotel located outside a city center. Even dropping by at restaurants for lunch or a snack or two won’t be necessary, considering the fact that CAVs can function as dining pods themselves! Of course, these possibilities entail a number of job losses in the urban tourism industry, especially in the cases of taxis, restaurants, bus tours, and expensive hotels.

But most interestingly, when you’re in a driverless car, being free from the task of driving equals being free to do just about anything_ and that includes sex! The best part of this prospect is that privacy won’t be taking a backseat any longer.

According to the survey, if rooms can be put on wheels, there’s nothing to stop prostitution from being revolutionized in the same way. This is more likely to happen in cities where CAVs are allowed to develop fast and hit the roads quickly, and prostitution is legal, one of these places being Europe. But even if prostitution isn’t legalized in a particular city, having commercialized sex in a CAV won’t be much of a problem. As Cohen points out, the idea of illegal activities in cars isn’t exactly something new.

Apart from the possibility of making out in a self-driving vehicle, CAVs will be coming with better and far more comfortable designs than the usual cars of today. In other words, your days of getting dirty in the cramped backseat of your car will finally come to an end.

Unfortunately, none of this is going to be a reality until the 2040s, says Cohen. By the time driving CAVs become a part of mainstream reality, however, people won’t care about what’s exactly in the car. Instead, they’ll be engrossed in virtual reality sex.

Interlinking tourism, privacy, and sex, driverless cars are very likely to result in more sex while on the go.

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