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Stephen Hawking's beautiful message for anyone who suffers depression

The tragic death of Stephen Hawking is unbeknownst to none. As per Hawking’s family, he lived to be 76 years old.

Hawking, apart from being recognized as one of the greatest physicists of his time, is also looked up for his earnest words of inspiration and motivation.

Let’s direct our attention to what he had to say for the ones passing through the rough phases of life.
During a packed lecture theatre at the Royal Institution in London, back on the 7th of July 1963, Stephen Hawking addressed those dealing with depression by saying, “The message of this lecture is that black holes aren’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought” – alluring metaphorically towards the vicissitudes of life.

He propounded that things can escape from a black hole both to the outside and to another possible universe; so, if one feels trapped in a ‘black hole’, they shouldn’t give up as there is always a way out.

Stephen Hawking also suggests to look at the stars above instead of down at the feet, contemplating on the innumerable wonders of the multitudinous universe and its existence. That there is always something which one succeeds in, however rough life may seem. Not giving up is all that matters. Such advice coming from a man who had overcome such monstrous hurdles life threw his way, and yet lived life contentedly, just makes it more authentic and valuable.

On hindsight, Professor Hawking was given mere two years to live when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the young age of 21, back in 1963.

As told by the professor’s daughter, Lucy, motivation and laughter is what kept him alive. His yen to keep going was fed by his ability to proficiently direct all his reserves, energy and mental focus into this very goal.

Hawking aimed for much more than meagre survival, and achieved it by “producing extraordinary work – writing books, giving lectures, inspiring other people with neurodegenerative and other disabilities.”

Unlike most, Hawking had learnt to be grateful for what he had, instead of sulking for what he did not. He is quoted saying “Although it was unfortunate to get motor neurone disease, I have been very fortunate in almost everything else.”

Keeping spirits high with an optimistic outlook, Hawking focused on the areas where his “disability was not a serious handicap”, including working in theoretical physics, which he considers himself to be lucky for. He propels that if one can’t laugh at themselves and life in general, they can lose all hope; not letting anger get to you, no matter the situation, is utterly important.

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