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Morgan Freeman turns his 124-acre ranch into huge honeybee sanctuary to save the bees

Whenever people want to imagine the almighty’s voice they generally hear Morgan Freeman speaking to them, and why not? A voice like his would probably soothe even the most distraught soul. The 81 year old actor has played a plethora of roles in films that have gone on to become few of the most critically acclaimed movies in human history. 

A versatile actor such as him has played a gentle and trustworthy friend in Shawshank Redemption, A retiring methodical detective in Seven, a charismatic ally of Batman and the literal god in Bruce Almighty. The 81 year old actor is still going strong today producing enjoyable movies year after year. This charismatic actor nowadays has also taken up the role of “god”  to the most unusual species on this Earth.

He has turned his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a huge honeybee sanctuary, thereby providing these fragile yet exquisite creatures with a safe haven where they can live in peace, breed uninterrupted and produce honey. A simple hobby that started in 2014 has now become his full fledged passion for protecting these wonderful species. He had 24 bee hives shipped from Arkansas onto his ranch in order to give the bees a sanctuary where they could live in peace.

 Here the bees are fed a healthy diet of sugar and water and the ecosystem around them is covered with a wide variety of pollinator friendly plants and flowers which the bees can use to harvest honey.

Morgan Freeman says that he has never been stung by the bees and he never wears a hat or any kind of protective gears near them. The reason for this friendly attitude as stated by Freeman is that the bees don’t feel threatened by him as because he has not yet harvested any honey and just goes to them to feed them sugar and water. This way the bees also know that he means no harm to them and is only coming to provide them with food.

“God” has also stated in various interviews that bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. They are the foundation of the vegetation that has sprawled across the planet. This is because they are natural pollinators that can transfer pollens from one flower to another when they travel in the quest to collect nectar.

The sad thing about the bees are that their population has declined over the years. This decline however not fatal enough to make them endangered species, is still quite alarming and can hamper the world’s ecosystem. Their decline is generally linked to the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides. Many governments around the world has acted against this shocking decline by banning numerous chemical fertilizers to protect the population of the bees.

Mr. Freeman is doing his part in this endeavour to save the bees by creating a sanctuary for these fragile insects where they have access to clean water, insecticide free plants and sugar so that they may proliferate healthily and independently.

Morgan Freeman turns his 124-acre ranch into huge honeybee sanctuary to save the bees Morgan Freeman turns his 124-acre ranch into huge honeybee sanctuary to save the bees Reviewed by Tim on May 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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