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Innovative Supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging to Avoid Plastics

The extended use of plastic is a major environmental threat as even the average supermarket bag can take upto a 1000 years to break down. 8 metric tons of plastic are said to enter the world’s oceans annually, which is equivalent to dumping the contents of an entire garbage truck into an ocean, every minute. But the part that is the scariest is the fact that plastic doesn’t have any immediate effects; what it affects is our future.

Fruits and vegetables neatly wrapped in plastic, arranged on the shelves of supermarkets, is a very common sight. What is not that common, is wrapping them in Banana Leaves. Rimping Supermarket,located in Chiangmai, Thailand, has decided to adopt a ‘fresh’ approach to the packaging of goods; quite literally. To contribute in the fight against the usage of plastic & the rising threat of it's overuse, this supermarket wraps their fruit & vegetable products in Banana Leaves, which they then tie with a ribbon. A sticker with the barcode of the item in question is pasted on the leaf subsequently, which also displays the price of the fruit or vegetable. That’s not all; a sticker with ‘Pesticide Safe’ is also pasted on the wrapped products to ensure their customers that the products wrapped in the Leaves are 100% safe to eat.

Wrapping fruits & vegetables in plastic can be considered as an unnecessary overuse of plastic; street vendors in Thailand have been using the Banana Leaf trick for a few years now. Supermarkets adopting the idea is indicative of the fact that people are slowly coming to the realization that using plastic as we currently do is dangerous & that steps need to be taken to curb these habits. It is high time we took responsibility for the damage that the overuse of plastics has caused & contribute in whatever small way we can to help repair the damage.

Several countries & cities have taken serious steps to help stop the harm that the use of plastic is causing, which include but are not limited to:

        Kenya - usage, sale & even the production of plastic bags can lead up to 4 years in jail along with a fine of $38,000
        Zimbabwe - a total ban of Expanded Polystyrene was announced in July 2017
        Rwanda - a complete ban of any kind of plastic
        New Delhi - usage of single-use plastic bags was banned in 2017
        Australia - statewide bans of single-use plastic bags in the Northern & the Southern territories
        Montreal - in effect from June 2018, a ban on single-use plastic bags, straws stirrers & cutlery was issued
        UK - Environment minister Michael Gove announced a 25 year plan to eliminate plastic waste.

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