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Beauty of Jordan captured by Travellers.

People keep sharing exotic photos of themselves at different parts of the planet to boost their Instagram following. Simas Rad and Arune Meistaite are buddies who travel together and share their adventures on the photo sharing app. One of their recent conquests was a 10 day adventure at Jordan. They tasted the local food and coffee.

If you are at Jordan, you must go snorkeling in the Red Sea and also try your hand at floating in the Dead sea. But apart from the touristy stuff, they were most delighted to get to know the locals whose habitat was in the remotest of places.

They connected to the Jordanian culture which is a rich heritage and an amalgamation of joy and kindness. This experience was unlike any of their previous adventures.

Beauty of Jordan captured by Travellers. Beauty of Jordan captured by Travellers. Reviewed by Tim on May 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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