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Authorities Repair Potholes After Local Hero Sprayed Penisses Around Them

This is a scene out of a Scary movie. You are riding your bike in the morning, and make this sharp turn. A huge entity is running behind you with a gun. Oh no, its not a gun, its a can of spray paint! And he is not after you,he is after the potholes and he goes about spraying paint all over them. As soon it rushes by you, you look into the area and find a giant penis sketch! You wake up. Dream is finally over, as weird as it was. You get ready and head out for work. The roads look familiar but you make the same turn you made in the dream. And lo and behold! You nightmare just came through and there are penises painted around potholes.
As amusing as the story may sound, it exists and also has a facebook page of its own named ‘Teesside Connected’ 

And according to the locals, the power of the ‘willy’ has proved to be effective. A pothole that was overlooked for almost a year was miraculously repaired when the ‘willy’ appeared on the pothole.

The locals have been raving about the benefits of a penis painted around potholes and how they receive speedy recovery before it throws off travelers. A spokesperson from the city council of the area announced that potholes were their priority for a while now, depending on their proximity to causing accidents, but they were working on a pre-planned project in the Acklam area and ultimately caused a delay. But we all know this is an excuse.

Coincidentally, this is not an isolated incident. Wanksy, a street artist did something similar when he created sketches of genitalia over potholes to speed up the process of fixing the road. He is just like “Banksy”, another street artist, but with penises.

Wanksy claims that drawing genitalia on streets attracts attention but is in no way offensive because it is a part of the human anatomy and had a point of connection with Botticelli’s Venus.

And this has only alarmed the authorities to get up and do their job and drivers to avoid major accidents. But the council is not happy to be handed the mirror to look at themselves. But there is no point of this agitation from the authorities because the paint is easily removable.

Authorities Repair Potholes After Local Hero Sprayed Penisses Around Them Authorities Repair Potholes After Local Hero Sprayed Penisses Around Them Reviewed by Tim on May 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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