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After you die, you're aware that you've died, study say

Do you know what happens to humans after they die? Does your consciousness cease to exist? Is there any way to know? Elizabeth Kubler-Ross took us one step closer to knowing about the life-after-death experience through thousands of humans who were revived. But these accounts do not give us an insight into the fact that consciousness continues after actual death or not.

But recent studies have stated that human consciousness is alive even after death, i.e, immediately after the heart stops beating. This simply means that, the bodily functions continue for a while after death, thus presumably the body knows of its expiry. This was concluded by the researchers of New York University’s Langone School of Medicine.

Dr. Sam Pernia and his colleagues are conducting a study, largest of its kind, on whether the consciousness persists after the functioning of the brain stops. Large number of people, who have suffered cardiac arrests but came out alive, are studied.

Some patients claimed to have had absolute awareness, where they could hear conversations and see things occurring around them. Details of which were verified by medical and nursing staff who were present at the situation.

But there is a method to prolong cell death and the gradual non-functioning of the brain. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR can be used to just that. The brain and circulatory system keeps functioning for as long as you continue to do CPR, thus keeping the body alive. But it is to be clarified that the body does go into complete non-functionality, but at a slower rate. But testimonies have proved that people at their deathbed, after the brain flatlines, can experience everything going on around them, and can recall the encounter when they are resuscitated.

Many great scientists have stated that the consciousness or ‘mind’ is completely different from the brain, and that everything around us, including the brain, is a manifestation of the consciousness. Thus, we can check for brain activity or not, but the consciousness is very much alive after the death of the body.

After you die, you're aware that you've died, study say After you die, you're aware that you've died, study say Reviewed by Tim on May 07, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. It make sense, if you have a cardiac arrest - oxygen rich blood is deprived to the heart and to the brain. If the brain is dead, how can there be consciousness. You could be in a coma and still have some brain function. But once the brain is dead, there is no comprehending anything. Nothing will register.

    1. consciousness is in the whole body. and it might exist at multiple dimensions at teh same time. I recommend you to check out 434 and Phil Good on youtube.

  2. consciousness is in the whole body


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