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Whale Dies in Thailand After Swallowing 80 Plastic Bags

A whale that swallowed more than 80 plastic bags has washed up on the shores of Southern Thailand , and the message is clear.  Plastic is killing our marine life and it is ruining our planet.
Thailand has one of the world’s largest plastic bag users in the world.  There is a lack of awareness in Thailand about the dangers of plastic.  This doesn't mean there is enough awareness in other parts of the world either.  Plastic is destroying our oceans and in turn, our environment.

The whale was washed up on shore, deathly ill.  A veterinary team was bought in to try and save the whale, unsure what the cause of illness was.  The animal vomited up five plastic bags during an attempt to save its life. And when an autopsy was done - over 80 plastic bags were found in its stomach.  The whale was unable to eat anything of nutritional value.

Where there is one dead whale from plastic, there are many more dead whales from plastic.   So far 300 alone have been found in Thailand. And it’s not just whales that are suffering -all marine life are suffering.  Not all of the fish die from plastic - some land up on your plate and you land up ingesting the plastic they have ingested.  It’s a deathly situation, all round.

Some countries have banned plastic - Rwanda was one of the first countries to do this in Africa.  Some countries make you pay for plastic bags when you do your shopping.  But the only way to beat the scourge of plastic is to stop the use of plastic altogether.  No plastic bags, no plastic straws, no plastic coffee cups.  Everything needs to be recycled and no more plastic should end up in our oceans.

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