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Meet the real-life Indiana Jones hunting for gold in the Amazon

If you didn’t see the Indiana Jones movies then you are in for a treat.  They were filled with excitement, adventure and exploration.  Of course they were filled with romance and love too.

Now there is a real life Indiana Jones and you may find it worth following his adventures too.  He may not be Harrison Ford but he sure is a look-alike.  In 2006, Keith Barron found a large gold deposit in Ecuador, the largest in the history of the country.  The find changed his life, but also the future of the country.   Ecuador, while one of the most mineral rich countries, is also a poor country.  It’s also an unexplored country, because of the very tricky terrain, but Keith Barron is changing all that.

The ban on international exploration has changed.  It used to be that foreign explorers were unwelcome  to that Ecuador could establish its own formal royalty system and its own laws.  The ban has been lifted and Barron is setting a trend.  Many think that Ecuador has the next big world treasures and modern day gold hunting is real.  

The truth is, the foreign explorers need the help of the indigenous Shuar people to get around the jungle.  If it wasn’t for them, Barron would probably still be trekking somewhere around the mountains.  They also have a huge amount to say about gold mining in their precious Amazon jungle, and the foreign explorers do have to work with the locals to ensure the environment and the people are well looked after.

Just like Indiana Jones, Barron has spent the last ten years exploring, reading and researching, and has knowledge of two lost cities,  Logroño and Sevilla de Oro. He hasn't found them yet but is pretty sure that together with the Shuar people, he will find them.

Meet the real-life Indiana Jones hunting for gold in the Amazon Meet the real-life Indiana Jones hunting for gold in the Amazon Reviewed by Tim on June 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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