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'F*** You, I'm Millwall' is the name of a beer and it is delicious!

The London Bridge attack took place on the 3rd June 2017, almost one year ago.  It was an awful attack where a man in a van rammed into the crowds on London Bridge, killing and injuring many.  As if that was not enough, the driver then got out and stabbed people.  There was chaos and terror, with bodies and the injured flung everywhere.

One man, Roy Larner, has been honoured as the ‘Lion of London Bridge.’  He was on the bridge at the time and as the attacker came towards him, he started yelling and fighting back.  He was not overly polite but then, it was a terrorist attack where manners are not first and foremost on everyone’s minds.  

Larner yelled ‘F… You, I’m Millwall…’ and swung wildly at his attackers.  He was stabbed many times but continued yelling at the attackers.  Millwall is an area in London with the most fanatic of soccer fans. Millwall was a reference to his soccer club, his life and soul.  Millwall soccer fans are amongst the most hardy!

And now a Swedish brewery has name a beer after Roy Larner, calling it the ‘F… you, I’m Millwall.’ The beer, which can be found in the Frequency Beer Works is hugely popular.  The owner, David Mortimer, had red about Roy Larner and loved what his fierce fighting spirit.

Larner’s fighting spirit has not been celebrated by all. Sure he fought off terrorists and probably saved others from being killed, but he also has a very bad temper and has used some pretty racist words.  We’re not going to repeat them here but we do know that Larner has undergone an anger management course, so maybe he really is some kind of hero.  He also has a ‘Just Giving’ Facebook page and all the proceeds from the beer are going to this charity.

'F*** You, I'm Millwall' is the name of a beer and it is delicious! 'F*** You, I'm Millwall' is the name of a beer and it is delicious! Reviewed by Tim on May 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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