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Vaccinate your kids against measles or face the consequences!

If you’re an adult from a first world country, you were probably vaccinated against measles as a child.  It wasn’t an option then;  everybody knew that they should vaccinate their children.

Over the last decade there has been a rise in ‘anti-vaxxers.’  Many people believe that vaccinations cause autism, and there has been a strong movement against vaccinations.

Yet there is no proof of any link between vaccines and autism, and because of the ‘anti-vaxxers’, there has also been a surge in measles.  And measles, if not treated quickly and properly, can cause death.  Several deaths from measles were reported in France over the last few years, as three out of ten French people are ‘anti -vaxxers.’

One death from measles is one death too many, and French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has said that parents are now legally obliged to have their children vaccinated.  France was actually the country where Louis Pasteur, the French biologist, first discovered vaccines.  France lead the world in vaccinations and it is a little ironic that the French are now turning against vaccination.

There have been major outbreaks of measles throughout the world, and this is because of the ‘anti-vaxxer’ trend.  The World Health Organisation stands by vaccination and say any links between vaccines and disease or autism, have never been proven.

More then 24000 cases of measles were reported between 2008 and 2016.   Many of these, children and adults, have severe complications resulting from their measles, nd there were around 10 deaths.

It isn’t just France where people are starting to rethink vaccinations.  In England there ws a huge ‘anti-vaccine’ trend too but with so many new cases of measles, moms and dads are starting to vaccinate again.  Better be safe than sorry.  Nobody wants to have measles, least of all you!

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