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Use LSD you may just reach an amazing state of consciousness

Numerous studies have been done on people under the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD.  We know that when people ‘trip’ they enter a state of higher consciousness.  They have changes in their brain activity which results in heightened senses, feelings of clarity and creativity.  As LSD makes its way to the brain, the brain changes.  Users feel happy, but sady, they can feel paranoid, anxious and terrified too.

Because of the side effects, LSD was banned pretty soon after its discovery. It’s recently made a bit of a comeback, albeit an illegal one, in the form of microdosing.  Taking LSD in very small amounts helps people achieve a higher state of consciousness without the paranoia.  Taking small amounts releases creativity and although the users don't see the glowing colours, they’re able to see clearly and in a way they don’t usually see.  They manage to get through a large amount of work with good focus, and are productive in a way that is unusual for them. 

Microdosing LSD is not just about creativity, productivity and consciousness.  It is being looked at as a way to treat mental illness, depression and anxiety.  People who use LSD start to feel better, more confident, healthier and happier.  Researchers are once again putting LSD under the microscope, and running tests on users.  They’re monitoring brain activity to see exactly what happens to the brain on LSD and how they can ‘harvest’ the good results for depressives, in a legal and safe way.

LSD, in the sixties and seventies, although hugely popular, had too many serious side effects.  Users wrote about achieving a higher state of consciousness, but also about the lack of control and the fear and stress.  Microdosing LSD may be the way to go if you’re looking for your senses to be heightened and your mood to be lifted. But remember, it is still not legal!

Use LSD you may just reach an amazing state of consciousness Use LSD you may just reach an amazing state of consciousness Reviewed by Tim on May 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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