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This guy micro dosed LSD for one month and boy, did he GLOW!

Microdosing LSD has become quite trendy, especially amongst millennials who work in high powered jobs.  They say it keeps them alert and boosts their productivity and creativity, plus they feel fantastic.  If this feels a bit like cocaine, it probably is.  And remember, LSD is not legal, no matter how it’s consumed.  Still, microdosing LSD is happening and it may well be happening with people you know!

Taking psychedelics alters the brain. They heighten the senses which is why when people trip on LSD they see colours brighter than they’ve ever seen them, they hear sounds that are new and they smell things that are delightful.  But, there are also bad side effects, and a bad trip can be extremely dangerous.  Hallucinations are not always fun and LSD users can become totally paranoid and behave in ways that are out of the ordinary.

Microdosing LSD is a new way of taking the psychedelic drug.  It is taken in really small amounts, and it is used not for tripping, but for productivity and creativity.  It is also known to help people with depression and mental illness and new studies are being done all the time.  People who microdose LSD say the feel a glow. They also feel confident and engaged, and very much in the moment.

Third Wave is an ‘educational’ online resource, run by Paul Austin, who talks about microdosing and how it effects people differently.  Some people microdose LSD for mental health reasons, such as depression or addiction.  Others microdose because it helps them to work well.  These people talk about a ‘state of flow’ and a ‘glow.’  While it may be tempting to microdose LSD, it is important to remember that LSD was banned in the seventies because of the dangerous side effects and high level of addiction.

If you are going to microdose because you want that glow - do your research first.  And contact a health practitioner too.

This guy micro dosed LSD for one month and boy, did he GLOW! This guy micro dosed LSD for one month and boy, did he GLOW! Reviewed by Tim on May 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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