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These dolphins took LSD, but did they communicate in English??

Dolphins are bright creatures and anyone who has worked with dolphins, or been lucky enough to swim with dolphins, knows that they communicate with one another.  They use sound and motion and apart from being incredible to watch, they’re pretty incredible to listen to.  

People who work with dolphins also talk about how dolphins try and communicate with them.  It’s difficult of course - human and animal behaviour are totally different.  We have language and gesture that is totally different to dolphins.  Dolphins have sound that is totally different to us.

A neuroscientist, John Lily, worked with dolphins and tried an experiment with psychedelic drugs.  He gave the dolphins LSD.  He felt that perhaps their brains would ‘loosen up’ to the extent they would lose all animal inhibitions and be more free to ‘communicate.’  It’s pretty clear that this was a failed experiment although he does say the dolphins were more vocal.  They were sadly more vocal in a dolphin way, not so much in a human way!

We’re not quite sure it’s fair to give dolphins drugs, although if the experiment had worked we may be thinking differently.

Perhaps humans and dolphins are not mean to communicate.  There have been instances where a dolphin has got close to his trainer (think of Sea World) but this is more an owner / pet relationship.  This happens in the human / animal kingdom and while communication channels are developed between the human and the pet, it’s not necessarily real communication.

If you want to try and communicate with dolphins, we suggest you try swimming with them.  There are many vacation packages that include swimming with dolphins, particularly in exotic destinations like Mozambique and Borneo.  Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.  It would be amazing if you manage to have a conversation, especially without using LSD.

These dolphins took LSD, but did they communicate in English?? These dolphins took LSD, but did they communicate in English?? Reviewed by Tim on May 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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