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The US Government does not care about Transgender people.

Donald Trump has done a lot of controversial things during his tenure, but turning transgender people away from the military is probably one of his all time lows. If there was any ounce of good reasoning for this, we may accept it. But the president has said that it is too expensive for transgender people to serve in the army, talking about high medical costs. He has also said it is too dangerous.

This is unbelievable, given the US army spends a small fortune on viagra for its soldiers. That’s right folks. Trump feels it’s important to help soldiers with their erectile dysfunction, rather than their sexuality. Trump is not prepared to deal with the real issues.

The amount of money spent on drugs like Viagra is huge. Over USD 150 million dollars has spent in the last seven years, on erectile dysfunction. Remember, this is money spent on something that is impermanent. It is helpful for the moment, and that’s it. The US army could spend far less to provide medication and surgeries to transgender military members, and these costs (and surgeries) would be helpful for ever.

It makes no sense The US Defence force is so homophobic that they would rather ignore people who they deem to be ‘problematic.’ There has been a huge amount of activism in trying to get people of all genders treated equally but if the US government does not do this, how can they ever hope to stamp out homophobia, prejudice or stereotype.

It is the American people’s money that is being spent on Viagra and similar drugs for members of the military. That would be okay, if everyone was treated equally and all kinds of sexual issues were addressed. They are not, and so it does seem it is time to stand up and say ‘no more.’

The US Government does not care about Transgender people. The US Government does not care about Transgender people. Reviewed by Tim on May 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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