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Smartphones are as bad as cocaine

We see kids all the time, at home, at college, in restaurants and on the streets, with their heads buried in their smartphones.  There is no question that smartphones are addictive, in particular the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.  And it’s not just kids who are addicted, adults are too.  We’re constantly looking at our phones and we’re constantly distracted.

We have to ask ourselves why smartphone addiction is not being given the attention it should be given.  We all know about the dangers of alcohol and drugs and we educate our children and given them help if need be.  But smartphones are as addictive and as dangerous, yet we’re ignoring the addiction.

Spending so much time on a smartphone doesn't necessarily make a child or teen, or adult for that matter, feel happy.  Everyone on social media looks happy.  Everyone is going to a party, or is on holiday, or has a new boyfriend.  Looking at all of these images can make a child feel terribly insecure. Why aren't I at the party? Why don’t I have a boyfriend? Why am I not thin enough?

 And yet, they keep looking.  And liking.  And they cannot stop.

The use of smartphones is creating an unhealthy addiction and it isn’t just in children.  Chances are you’re reading this article on a smartphone.  And after this one, you’ll watch a video. And then move on to Facebook.  Before you know it, you’ve wasted four hours, haven't done any work, chatted to your own kids or made the dinner.

And we haven’t even touched on pornography, which is a huge problem on smartphones today, readily available and - you got it - addictive.

Smartphone addiction is real. And it’s not good.  We need to get help for our kids.  And for ourselves.


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