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Put down your wine and pick up your marijuana - it is a lot safer!

It’s interesting that for years and years it has been okay to drink alcohol and take prescription medication but it has been illegal to smoke marijuana. We think this is because there is big money involved in the liquor industry and the pharmaceutical industry and they don't want to lose their money. Yet studies have consistently shown that marijuana is safe, not addictive, has hardly any side effects and cannot be abused.

The laws are slowly changing. There are signs on all cigarette packets saying SMOKING CAN KILL, and we are starting to learn about the dangers of the opioid industry. Oddly, there are still no signs of DANGER on alcohol bottles or tins, but there should be.

Alcohol kills. Prescription medication can kill. Both can lead to substance abuse and addiction of one sort or another. Marijuana does not do this. Marijuana is a herb, it is good for you, for the body and the brain. It has the most extraordinary medicinal values, some of which are only now being explored. Marijuana relieves stress and anxiety, without any lasting or bad side effects. And marijuana relieves pain.

So why would marijuana not be legal? All research is leading to its health benefits and positive medical benefits. It helps with stress, with pain and with overall comfort. It is much healthier than an opioid of which there is a growing addiction epidemic in the USA. It is much healthier than alcohol.

Having a small glass of wine a night is okay, according to studies. But many people do not stop at just one glass. Alcoholism not only destroys the liver and the body it destroys families too. Same with cigarettes, they destroy the lungs. Marijuana does none of that.


Put down your wine and pick up your marijuana - it is a lot safer! Put down your wine and pick up your marijuana - it is a lot safer! Reviewed by Tim on May 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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