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Over one-fifth of Humanity Logs on to Facebook Every Day

Think how often you see a friend, or a family member, or a stranger, on Facebook.  It’s often.  And how often are you on Facebook?  Facebook is the largest used social media platform in the world.  And if we look at statistics, more than one fifth of the world population all use Facebook.

That is a lot of people.  There are over 7.6 billion people in the world.  And a fifth of them use social media!  1.45 billion people apparently use Facebook every day.  Facebook is the biggest social network, it is the one that most people worldwide have access to, and it is the one that most people choose to use.

Facebook has certainly changed the way of the world.  It has allowed people to stay in touch with - everyone.  It’s easy to be in touch with family all around the world, with friends all around the world, and to meet new people.  It’s a way to catch up with the news, to keep up to date with art and music, and mostly, to chat.

Facebook is banned in some countries and that is usually because of the way the App shares news.  Some countries don’t want you to know about the news.  But it’s not that easy to keep the social media platform away and activists always find a way to access Facebook, no matter where they are.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp, and Youtube too has 1.5 billion users.  Instagram is heading to the one billion active users mark too.  Facebook’s profits are huge, although they have also come under fire recently for the spread of fake news and for allowing their data to be breached or sold.  Facebook have vowed to improve their privacy and security settings and no matter the problems faced, Facebook still proves to be the most popular social media app of all.
Over one-fifth of Humanity Logs on to Facebook Every Day Over one-fifth of Humanity Logs on to Facebook Every Day Reviewed by Tim on May 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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