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Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65% (Listen)

There are not many things that music wont soothe. Any time youre feeling anxious, put on some music. Music has the ability to relieve panic and anxiety and to calm us down. It doesn't really matter if it is rock music, the Blues, heavy metal or classical, its whatever music makes you feel good.

Anxiety is the scourge of this generation. Young children and teens feel anxious and so do adults. Its a hard world today, with pressures from all angles. Mental illness has increased worldwide and the only good thing is that people are talking about it. Mental illness no longer has the stigma that it used to have.

Some people need counseling, some need medication and some need both. What is clear is that anxiety is not going to be fixedby long walks by the sea or deep yogic breathing. But it is going to be helped. Get some exercise, eat well and get help when help is needed. And then - add music. Everything together is good recipe for reducing anxiety.

Oddly, Neuroscientists have discovered one song in particular that makes people feel good. The song is by Marconi Union and is called Weightless.If you just think of the word weightlessyou immediately feel light. The music does exactly that - it makes the listener feel light. Studies show how this music relaxes the listener, lowers the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and most importantly, lowers stress.

Its a beautiful piece of music and we encourage you to sit back, put your feet up, close your eyes and focus ONLY on the music. When youre done, listen to it again. And then put it on your special playlist and any time you feel bad - put it on. Music is therapeutic and Weightless in particular, is just marvellous. 

Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65% (Listen) Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65% (Listen) Reviewed by Tim on May 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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