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LSD Provokes Synesthetic Hallucinations in a Congenitally Blind Man

There has been a lot of research into the psychedelic drug LSD and the main effect is hallucinations. Users see vivid colours and patterns, and very often, things that are not there. Studies have always been undertaken on people without visual disabilities and so it was rather surprising recently when a man who was born without vision, experienced hallucinations when using LSD. Think about it.

The man is blind. He has never seen anything in his entire life. But under the influence of LSD, he could see colour. The hallucinations are known as synesthesia, which is when a person experiences an overlapping of their senses. They may taste colours or see sounds. They’re hallucinations of a sort.

 LSD was first discovered in 1930 by scientist Albert Hofmann. Since then there has been an enormous amount of research into the drug. Users would see and experience the world in a different way - colours would be brighter, smells would be stronger, tastes could be extraordinary. The senses are heightened, which is also why LSD is such a dangerous drug.

 Imagine therefore a blind man who has never seen a thing, to suddenly experience colour in the most vivid of ways. This man, who was involved in a series of tests, used LSD fairly often, together with magic mushrooms and marijuana.

He said that LSD amplified his experience with all his senses - sound, music and - in a surprising twist - sight. If you read about LSD you will understand why it is called a ‘psychedelic’ drug. Things become psychedelic. LSD can also cause paranoia, irrational fears, addiction and permanent brain and physical damage.

 It is NOT recommended for use by anyone but it is an extraordinary thought that a drug such as LSD can result in visual hallucinations - for the blind.

LSD Provokes Synesthetic Hallucinations in a Congenitally Blind Man LSD Provokes Synesthetic Hallucinations in a Congenitally Blind Man Reviewed by Tim on May 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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