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LeBron James Donates $41 Million To Send 1,100 Kids To College

Basketball star athlete LeBron James is from Akron, Ohio. They were poor and so his parents sent him to live under the roof of Frank Walker and his family. That was the best decision that James’ parents ever made for their son because it was through Walker that James developed his passion for basketball.

James now has the financial capability to provide assistance to his community because he is now a professional athlete. His loyalty to the people who had always had his back throughout his career is immense. He donated $41 million to make sure that Akron kids will have a chance to go to college.

The University of Akron is the school that James chose to have an alliance within providing a four-year scholarship for qualified students in line with his program called “I Promise”.

The scholarship program will cover 1,100 Akron kids, which will take care of the tuition, and general service fee, that is around $9,500 annually, and a total of $41.8 million.

This good news of hope was announced by the basketball start at Cedar Point Amusement Park. James mentioned that he is working hard to help the kids. He understands that they have big dreams and he is there to help them make it happen. He wants Akron kids to look beyond high school, to go to college and get the full financial support that some parents cannot provide to their kids.

There is no determined list of qualifications yet for the scholarship, but it is guaranteed that the kids need to graduate high school first, may undergo standard testing and are most likely to do a community service to qualify.
LeBron James Donates $41 Million To Send 1,100 Kids To College LeBron James Donates $41 Million To Send 1,100 Kids To College  Reviewed by Tim on May 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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