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It’s time to shed everything toxic from your life

Some people are just not good for you. You may have been friends with someone for years but if they cause you harm, if you find them toxic, it is time to shed. Toxicity is poison and we do not need poison in our lives. Getting rid of toxic people can be harder than you think.

It is important to understand that toxic people feed off you. They make you feel bad, even when you have done nothing wrong. Toxic people manipulate you, gaslight you and make you feel like the bad person. Don’t be mislead. End the relationship and find people who are good for you.

If you are not sure how to recognize toxic people in your life, here you are”-

  1. Toxic people constantly make you feel guilty.
As long as you know you have behaved well, you have no need to feel guilty. Stop allowing this person to put their bad feelings on to you. Minimise the damage and say goodbye.

2. Toxic people blow hot and cold.
They’re friendly one day and ignore you the next. They never make you feel good, or when they do, it’s out of guilt. Don’t let them treat you like a second-class citizen.

3. Toxic people make you doubt yourself.

Do you doubt yourself with everyone else? No. Then, the person making you doubt yourself may well be toxic to you. Step away. You want people who make you feel good.

4. Toxic people have price tags

Sometimes somebody gives you something so you feel indebted to them. That way they manipulate you. Say ‘no thanks’, no matter how tempting.

5. Toxic people project their feelings

Toxic people love making you feeling bad too and bringing you down with them. If somebody constantly drags you down, say goodbye.

6. Toxic people are never wrong

Is it always your fault? Well, you know it isn’t. Time to move on!
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