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If Japan has eradicated gun crime, why can't the USA?

America’s gun problem is out of control and nobody (except the amazing teens) seems to want to stop it.  The NRA are powerful, Trump is powerful, and they’re almost like a gun mafia.  Americans are being shot in schools, colleges, in domestic disputes, in waffle houses and well, all over the place.

If the American government really wants gun reform, and perhaps they don’t because they make so much money out of it, they could learn from Japan.  Japan has one of the lowest rates of gun crime. In 2014 Japan reported six gun deaths.  American had close to thirty four thousand gun deaths in the same year.  These figures are insane.

Japan has stringent rules for anyone wanting a gun.  You have to take a class on guns, write an exam on guns, and do a physical test in a shooting range where you have to get 95%,  There are strict mental health tests, strict gun tests, and strict tests all round. Even your family is tested.

If you do manage to get a gun in Japan, the authorities must know where it is kept.  The gun and ammunition must be stored separately and you must renew your gun license every three years.  If you think this is enough, no.  Handguns are totally illegal and only shotguns or airguns are sold. And then remember, it is not just the gun owner who gets tested in every single way, but his family and colleagues too.

In America you can walk into a store and buy a gun.  After the tragic Parkland school shooting, teens have been working tirelessly to get a ban on automatic rifles.  Also, they are working tirelessly on stricter gun control, stringent testing and mental health awareness.  Sadly, they’re working against the government, the NRA and the millions of mad gun lovers.  And we don’t think we’re going to see the American deaths from guns decrease any time soon.

If Japan has eradicated gun crime, why can't the USA? If Japan has eradicated gun crime, why can't the USA? Reviewed by Tim on May 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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