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Hold your horses, Oregon is producing TOO MUCH MARIJUANA!

There was a time in the USA when it was illegal to grow marijuana.  There are still some states where you are not allowed to grow, sell or market marijuana, but more states than ever before have legalised marijuana.

In Oregon, marijuana is legal.  Medicinal marijuana has been legal since 1997 and recreational marijuana was legalised in 2015.  And now the state is growing too much marijuana, much more than it needs.

You may find the over production of marijuana pretty funny - it is kind of funny - but it also means that the excess is sometimes landing up on the black market.  It is sold in states where marijuana is illegal, often sent by mail from Oregon to these states.  Very often the marijuana is seized at the post offices before it reaches the intended user or buyer.  But while they find the herb, they don't necessarily find the people who send it. 

Clearly Oregon have great soil!  They also have great laws, if you live in Oregon and you use marijuana.   They have close to 1000 licensed recreational growers and many more licenses are waiting to be approved.  There are over 500 marijuana retailers with valid licenses and again, many more applicants waiting for approval.   Although marijuana is legal in Oregon, not everyone or anyone is allowed to grow and sell it.  It needs to be done via legal channels and licenses.

While Oregon may be an example in legalising marijuana, they need to deal with their excess.  Studies have shown that violent crime in the state has decreased enormously since the legalisation, but other crimes have arisen over the excess.  A black market has been created and excess marijuana is being sold or sent to those areas where they are not legally allowed to grow the herb.  Authorities are working hard at stamping out the illegal trade.

Hold your horses, Oregon is producing TOO MUCH MARIJUANA! Hold your horses, Oregon is producing TOO MUCH MARIJUANA! Reviewed by Tim on May 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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