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Get high on LSD or cure your mental illness by Micro Dosing.

LSD was the psychedelic drug of choice in the 60s. As the dangers became more apparent, people stopped using the drug. The side effects were just too dangerous. Yet LSD is again become a popular drug - just in a different way.

Mental illness is a huge scourge of our generation. Anti depressants are subscribed in their thousands daily, and psychotherapists and psychiatrists are in great demand. Mental illness does not have the stigma attached to it that it used to have. And oddly, neither does LSD.

This does not mean LSD is available over the counter. By no means is it readily available. It is still a dangerous drug and should be viewed with great caution. But healers are doing more research on micro dosing LSD - taking it in teeny teeny amounts - as a way to cure and help mental illness.

Micro dosing of LSD has its own dangers and should only be done under the care of a health care practitioner. It has become a ‘drug of choice’ for many Silicon valley workers who say their creativity is bolstered and their productivity unrivalled. And people who have micro dosed LSD for creativity have found an added bonus.

Their depression has lifted. Using small amounts of LSD, under care, may well be good not just for productivity, but for depression. There are different kinds of depression and sufferers should always take their disease seriously and get the necessary help. But if there are alternate treatments, it is a good idea to look at them. Micro dosing LSD may well be an alternate treatment and one that is being discussed and debated.

Do you struggle with mental illness? It is important to note that LSD is still illegal, even in teeny doses, and it may be more damaging than good. But - keep reading and learning - because perhaps it is the answer to mental illness.


Get high on LSD or cure your mental illness by Micro Dosing. Get high on LSD or cure your mental illness by Micro Dosing. Reviewed by Tim on May 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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