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France has banned plastic cups, cutlery and plates.

We are all starting to realize just how dangerous and toxic plastic is. Many governments are trying to educate people and also pass new laws regarding the use and manufacture of plastic. France, who has always proved to be one of the most progressive nations, is one of the main countries fighting the war against plastic.

 France does not allow grocery stores to throw away or purposefully waste food. They recognize dogs as sentient beings. They have a car-free day to reduce carbon emissions. And now, they have banned the use of plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and plastic plates.

 France always does these things wisely. The law will go into effect from 2020 when it will be illegal to supply or sell these plastic products. Until then, people are being made aware of the dangers and are being encouraged to find environmentally friendly alternatives.

New industries are forming, where companies are producing biologically sourced materials and biodegradable and non-toxic plastic. Some people are against the new laws coming in, saying they violate the European Union rules on free movement of goods. And while many people are asking the European Commission to take action against the ban, more people are in favor than not.

We are becoming more and more aware of how toxic plastic is and France has been brilliant at raising awareness and encouraging its citizens to stop using plastic. Do you say ‘no thank you’ to a plastic straw? We hope so. There are alternatives, including bamboo which is bio-degradable, or steel which is re-usable. The same goes for cups, plates and cutlery.

Bamboo has become a very popular option. And it’s really easy to say no to a straw. France is slowly easing away from all plastic products and we are pretty sure that many more countries are going to follow in their footsteps.

France has banned plastic cups, cutlery and plates.  France has banned plastic cups, cutlery and plates. Reviewed by Tim on May 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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