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Does Marijuana really kill Cancer Cells?

Marijuana is used for relaxation, pain control and of course, getting high. In some countries the use of marijuana is legal and in many states of the USA marijuana can be sole for medicinal reasons as well as recreational reasons.

Pharmaceuticals have always been against legalised marijuana, but we have to look at why. Could it be that marijuana is the alternative, a very cheap alternative, to their very expensive drugs? It may well be as simple as that. Many tests have shown the benefits of marijuana - relieving of stress, anxiety and pain - but new results show that marijuana may just kill cancer cells. Marijuana has properties in it that can break down tumours or even stop them from forming in the first place.

The National Cancer Institute which is part of the US Department of Health, have finally acknowledged the health benefits of marijuana. We can imagine that pharmaceuticals are not happy about this at all, but if respectful institutes are pro marijuana, pharmaceuticals can’t do anything about it.

Health professionals, researchers and scientists are all talking about big news. Marijuana may well have anti-cancer or anti-tumour properties - and they’re slowly managing to collate all the proof they need. For decades there have been debates and arguments on the use of the drug, and while it has widely been acknowledge that it does have certain benefits, it has also been thought to ‘destroy brain cells.’
Well, that is just not true. The facts as we knew them have changed. Marijuana, under the control of a health care practitioner, may just save your life. If anything, it may just improve the quality of your life. If you are in pain, look at marijuana as an alternative to drugs that have terrible side effects. And if you have cancer, chat to someone who can talk to you and advice you on the use of marijuana. it may be what you need.

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