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Did Carrie Fisher use LSD and did she have sex with Hans Solo?

Carrie Fisher died in December 2016, leaving behind millions of bereft fans. Fisher was best known for her role as Leia in the Star Wars movies and was certainly the most magnificent princess ever.

If you miss Carrie Fisher, now is a good time to catch up on her memoirs. She wrote several semi autobiographic memoirs, including Postcards from the Edge. We’ve taken a few extracts from her memoirs and from past interviews, so you can learn a little more about her right here.

On success.

Success seemed to be Carrie Fisher’s friend and enemy. She says the best part was money, travelling and people. The worst part? Money, travelling and people. She was also fairly vocal on her critics. Fisher felt that her critics said anything they wanted about her, and her success left her ‘fair game’ for her critics who very often took everything out of context.

On social media

Fisher had a Twitter account for her dog Gary but her fame came before the rise of social media. She felt she was pretty lucky on the most part to avoid social media, given that it means nothing is private anymore!

Best advise she was ever given?

You don’t need to be comfortable and you don't need to like everything you do or everyone you meet. She learned this at AA, just by the way.

Most over the top purchase?

Carrie Fisher was a pretty dow to earth person but she did have a Fendi purse that she felt may have solved all the world starvation problems!

How did Carrie Fisher relax?

She loved old movies but also laughed at her own personality, saying she was pretty anxious and highly strung and never quite learned how to relax anyway!

Did she have sex with Hans Solo? Or ever use LSD

We're not going to answer this question. Read the memoirs!

We do miss Carrie Fisher and we’re pretty sure you do too.


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