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America’s first urban ‘agrihood’ feeds 2,000 households for free

In this world, humans are the only living species that pay in order to live. We pay for our food, we pay tax and everything else despite the fact that we have all the resources to take care of everyone.

Fact is all over around the globe, the produced food is enough to feed approximately ten billion people, but since the mono crops are 70 percent grown to feed live stocks that are for slaughter, a problem exists regarding the distribution of food. 

In result of this economic issue, there are around 795 million people in the whole universe who sleeps with an empty stomach in a daily basis.

It has always been a dream to solve the problem regarding hunger, and maybe it will be solved in a century or two. For now, inspired activists are focusing on reality and suggested to install many community gardens to offer food to locals for free.

In the city of Detroit, Michigan, America’s first ever urban ‘Agrihood’ was created where thousands of families were affected by the economic crisis. The ‘Agrihood’ feeds around 2,000 families in the city.

This three-acre project was made possible by the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI). Two acres is for crops like vegetables and fruits, and the other one acre is for 200 fruit trees. There is also a sensory garden intended for kids.

Tyson Gersh, co-founder, and president of the non-profit project stated that for four years, the urban garden became an agricultural campus that assists the neighborhood, resulted in new residents and gained investments.

A 3,200 square foot Community Resource Center is planned to be constructed at the 'Agrifood’ as a headquarter and an education center, with a health food café in a near location.

America’s first urban ‘agrihood’ feeds 2,000 households for free America’s first urban ‘agrihood’ feeds 2,000 households for free Reviewed by Tim on May 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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