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A controversial BBC documentary suggests Jesus was a Buddhist monk

Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection formed the very basis of Christianity. Almost everyone worldwide, no matter what religion or culture, knows about Jesus Christ. We have all been told a certain narrative and mostly, we believe this narrative.

Simply put, Jesus Christ died on the Cross. He was resurrected days later. Historians and scholars have studied his life and death and written extensively on the meaning. Yet a BBC documentary has been aired called ‘Did Jesus Die?’, and suddenly we have a whole new way of thinking. Of course, most Christians and theologians are not buying into the new theories but they certainly give us food for thought.

The BBC documentary looks back at the time of Jesus Christ and asks - Did Jesus really die on the cross? They explore the possibility that perhaps Jesus was resuscitated from the cross, so he did not die, and he traveled to either France or India. They suggest he traveled with Mary Magdalene and while this idea is both explosive and insulting to many Christians and believers, it may be true.

The researchers have been exploring the idea that Jesus survived the cross. They say there is not enough evidence to suggest he died at all and that the resurrection stories were added 200 years later. Perhaps the death of Jesus and his resurrection became a myth, a story that people liked to believe?

The documentary suggests that Jesus may well have been taken to India as a child, was reared as a Buddhist, and maybe the stories we know are exactly that, just stories?

Either way it’s always a good idea to question what we are taught, to study and read and to find our own conclusions. Jesus Christ is still the most defining figure in religious history, no matter what the story is.

A controversial BBC documentary suggests Jesus was a Buddhist monk A controversial BBC documentary suggests Jesus was a Buddhist monk Reviewed by Tim on May 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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