UK ranks first while US ranks last in the healthcare services they offer

According to a recent analysis comparing the health services of 11 developed countries, the UK provided the best healthcare services overall while the US ranked last in
the list scoring the least of all the measured criteria.

The researcher, Eric Schneider of Commonwealth Fund Think Tank in Washington DC
said that the study was conducted under 5 five main criteria.

1. Ease of access to healthcare,

2. Equal access to health care to people of different income levels,

 3. The administrative efficiency of health services,

 4. The care process

 5. Health outcomes

“We measured performance quality across five domains, and the USA fell short in all five,”
It has been noted that even if the US ranked the last, it has been fifth in the list in the fourth
criteria: the care process. Meanwhile, the UK has ranked tenth in the fifth criteria: healthcare

For the Data collection of the study, the researchers used data from several trustworthy
institutions in the world. The list of such sources for data collection includes: World Health
Organization as well as the OECD.

In addition, the data gathered was collected from questionnaires completed by people and their doctors in 11 countries, also additionally taking data from Australia, Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

The study found out that easy access to health has been the least fulfilled criteria of the US.

 Both economically stable and unstable people have less access to healthcare in the US.  44% of low income and even 26% of high-income people have problems accessing healthcare facilities in the country.

 Schneider says “A higher-earning person in the US is more likely to meet cost barriers
than a low-income person in the UK”. Yet more than 20 million people, in addition,
have been recently benefitted in the US for health care services as a result of President Barak
Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

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