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Psychedelic drugs are better than antidepressants in tackling depression

Depression is a disease even though many people take it lightly. According to the director of neuropsychopharmacology unit that studies brain sciences in the Imperial College of London David Nutt, the main characteristics of mental illness is depression and anxiety. According to Nutt: “A depressed brain gets into a pattern of thinking which is mainly driven by the frontal which is the control center.”
Researchers have done a lot of work to try and come up with drugs which can deal with mental illnesses. These drugs should have the ability to induce powerful positive changes in a person. It has been identified that the current depressants have no ability and power to affect the personality of a mentally ill person since they only treat the symptoms.

According to Ben Sessa who is a psychiatrist: “Psychedelic therapy is better than depressants since it digs down to the source of the problem which causes the mental illness in a better and more effective way. In the past, people have not been able to effectively deal with this problem since they have been taking medication to end the symptoms instead of looking at the main cause.”

Dr. Julie Holland who is also a psychiatrist and a medical monitor at MDMA and PTSD said that the use of Psychedelics together with therapy could be a powerful way to deal with issues which patients may have never dealt with by the use of the current anti-depressants. According to Holland, the current medication was brought to sweep away the symptoms. She went on to state that the current Psychedelic Psychotherapy digs to get the cause of depression and kick it out ensuring that the patient is fully attended to. She recommended that people adopt the new way of dealing with depressions because it was way better than the traditional way.

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