Meth is comparable to Adderall, according to a Neuroscientist

Methamphetamine is generally misunderstood by the public. It is a drug that helps in relieving unwanted stress and actually provides peace of mind. A professional individual taking methamphetamine is responsible enough to use the drug in the right way and not end up doing unsavory things or worst, hurting others.
The misconception of methamphetamine is the result of public awareness campaigns that drive the public to hate the drug due to the graphics and horrifying images of people robbing other for money to buy the medicine, or hurting people after taking the drug, or people losing their minds. The advertisements aim to put a very negative impact on people’s mind regarding the said drug, without considering that it really does not have that effect.

Ads like those continue to provide false information regarding meth. Methamphetamine is FDA approved, just like Adderall.
In a clinical study, 13 men were induced regularly with methamphetamine, of d-amphetamine or placebo on varying days. The result proves that methamphetamine and d-amphetamine are quite similar in almost all aspects. The subject’s energy was boosted and the participants did not feel any tiredness or cognitive disruptions. The blood pressure heightened for both medications and the research study shows that meth is the same as d-amphetamine.

The subjects were not able to tell the difference between the two pills since the effect on their body is the same.

Even if the drugs were to be smoked or snorted, they will have the same effect on the body. In other words, the Adderall that most people intakes every day actually have the same effect as methamphetamine. It takes years of research to come up with that conclusion, and in time the public will see the real deal of the methamphetamine.

Meth is comparable to Adderall, according to a Neuroscientist Meth is comparable to Adderall, according to a Neuroscientist Reviewed by Tim on April 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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