Lab-grown meat could soon be on sale by end of 2018

A manufacturer has claimed that restaurants could offer meat in their menus that are actually grown from a laboratory.
“Clean meat” or in vitro animal produce are accumulated from a live animal through a process called biopsy. The extracted stem cells are then cultivated in the lab for weeks.
Since global warming is an issue, some environmentalists have faith that this can actually help in dwindling the calamity. There is also one study that shows that “clean meat” has the capability to decrease by 96 percent the harmful greenhouse discharge.

Tetrick mentioned that the public may not be that enthusiastic to accept clean meat, and most may still go for the traditional meat from a farm. They know that they are facing hard obstacles, and a lot of factors need to be considered before the product can be sold in the market. Tetrick is supported by Mosa Meat from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. They invented the first cultured hamburger in the world.
Professor Mark Post, the chief scientific officer stated that the process to achieve regulatory approval may take three years.

Clean meat companies may need to lessen the cost of mass production because the current study shows that one-third of Americans are agreeable to patronize clean meat.
A food technology company from San Francisco called Memphis Meats need to spend around $2400 just to create beef for 450 grams. With this, they are expecting to have products available by 2021.
Peta, an animal rights charity invested in clean meat study for six years and offered $1M reward for the first clean meat chicken.

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